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Young Koi Young Koi - Kohaku - 8 inch

Young Koi - Kohaku - 8 inch


These are fine examples from Ogata Koi Farm.Bright whites and deep reds (Hi),

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In1888, a man named Kunizo Hiroi bred a red-headed female koi with one of his own males, whose markings resembled cherry blossoms. The fry resulting from that coupling were used to create the now extinct Gosuke bloodline. All of the well known Kohaku bloodlines established in the years that followed (Tomoin, Sensuke, Yagozen, Manzo) arose from Gosuke koi crossbred with other unrelated, yet promising, fish. These bloodlines were named after the breeders who worked diligently to refine their koi over many generations of careful selection. Today, the Tomoin and Yagozen are the two remaining major Kohaku bloodlines in Japan.