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Water Lotus

Water Lotus

Hardy Water Lotus
The hardy water lotus is the most admired of all pond plants, with its elegant graceful flowers, rich colors, and huge leaves. It's no wonder they are a customer favorite. Water lotus are very easy to grow, but need to be fertilized as they are big feeders. They can also be invasive; therefore they need to be potted. Our entire stock of water lotus are planted in tubs.
The water lotus is perennial pond plant growing from a rhizome tuber. Its rounded leaves can reach large sizes up to 22" inches in diameter. The first leaves that appear, are flat and float on the ponds surface. They are followed by thicker, tube shaped leaves with wavy edges that may stand anywhere from 2' to 5' feet above the water. The lotus leaves are coated with a waxy film, upon which water forms glittering droplets. The thick flower stalk grows above the leaves ending in large strong smelling white, pink, or red blooms, appearing one at a time. Each flower lasts from 3 to5 days and gets darker with age. Flowers range in size from 4" to 10" inches. Every pond should have at least one water lotus. Plant anywhere by digging in a 55gal barrel and leave your plant there all winter without fear of freezing.

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