External Pond Pumps

Submersible or Inline Pond Pump

PondMaster  Pro HY-DRIVE  Pumps

PondMaster Pro HY-DRIVE Pumps

Pondmaster magnetic drive pumps are specifically designed to meet the demands of a pond. Unlike most other pumps on the market, magnetic drive pumps are made to run continuously, without seals to wear out. Magnetic drive pumps are highly energy efficient using less energy than direct driven pumps, and they will potentially save...
3200 GPH  PondMaster  Pro HY-DRIVE  Pumps

3200 GPH PondMaster Pro HY-DRIVE Pumps

Pump Performance Use this chart to determine the proper size pump for your pond. The height of the water outlet above the surface of the pond is called the Head Height. Gallons Per Hour (GPH) represents the maximum amount of water your pump is capable of pushing at a given Head Height. To ensure the pump's best possible performance, reduce...
6000 GPH  PondMaster  Pro HY-DRIVE  Pumps

6000 GPH PondMaster Pro HY-DRIVE Pumps

Additional Information: · 316 Stainless Steel Rotor · No seals, Fish-safe because no oil is used · Reliable Ceramic Bearings · Vortex Impeller · Self-resetting thermal overload protection · Convenient carry handle · Pump can be placed vertical or horizontal · Inline (Below water line) and Submersible...

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