Pond Water Treatments

Pond Water Treatments

Our biggest challenge as fish keepers is to create a healthy environment in our Koi ponds, where the correct balance of beneficial bacteria are allowed to develop and flourish.

The pond and filters in time, will mature to give a balanced eco-system. If this is not achieved, toxic waste that the fish produce will not be effectively removed and will cause stress to the fish and weaken their immune system.

This will lead to a reduction in their ability to fight off potential health problems. Growth and development are also adversely affected and in severe cases, fish losses will occur.

Our ponds are often overstocked, over fed and are treated with aggressive chemicals to kill parasites, fungal or bacterial infections. All of these have a detrimental effect on the balance of bacteria we are trying to maintain in our filters. Even a week on holiday with reduced feeding can cause the bacteria colony to die back.

To assist our own eco-system, we can introduce and supplement the correct beneficial bacteria into our system to accelerate and maintain this natural balancing process. This in turn will lead to clear, well-balanced water and healthier fish. At Michigan Koi we are constantly asked for advice on which bacterial and supplement type products we use on our ponds. We offer for sale only products we use.

Water pH
The pH range of 6 to 8.5 is acceptable for most pond life. The primary concern with pH is its direct relationship to the toxicity of ammonia and nitrite. Each pH integer above the neutral 7 reflects a tenfold increase in such toxicities.
Any pH value below the neutral 7 is considered acidic. BUF-IT-UP or ground limestone will raise the pH level.
High pH values over 8.5 will definitely stress the fish to the point of disease. High pH reading of 9.0 or more, the likely cause is cement or mortar leeching toxic lime into the water.

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