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Healthy Koi Vortex Settling Chambers

Healthy Koi  Vortex Settling Chambers

Michigan Koi® Vortex Settling Chambers

Here at Healthy Koi vortex chambers are the preferred method of removing waste, providing the Bio-Chamber with clean water to work its wonders, biological pond filtration. Vortex and Bio-Chambers are reliable, very low maintenance biological filtration.

How Does A Vortex Koi Pond System Work?

Pond water containing ammonia, fish metabolic waste and other organic matters such as leaves, grass, pollen and twigs is gravity fed into the primary vortex chamber where the swirling action of the water (vortex) causes the organic matter to settle at the bottom of the vortex chamber, where it can be easily flushed away by simply pumping it out. The Bio-Ribbon isn't situated in the primary vortex chamber so there is no way for organic pollutants (fish waste, leaves, etc) to contaminate the Bio-Ribbon or block the pores. Vortex Koi pond chambers are an extremely effective mechanical pond filter, that is capable of removing up to 95% of the particulate matter that passes through it. In combination with the Bio-Chamber, the beneficial Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacteria can finish cleaning the water for perfect Koi water.

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Check out this short video on how they work.

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