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Koi Medications ╗ Medicated Koi Food

Healthy Koi Medicated Food

Healthy Koi Medicated Food

Healthy Koi® Medicated Koi Food

If you are not comfortable injecting your fish or can not locate antibiotics, or simply can not catch your fish, then our Medicated Koi food is for you!

Excellent for treating koi fish with deadly bacterial and fungal infections!
This Medicated food contains five different antibiotics to treat Gram Negative and Gram Positive bacteria.

** Multiple daily feeding for 10 days at least.**

This medicated food uses ingredients similar to our color food with a different manufacturing process & contains added antibiotics & is to be used only on ORNAMENTAL FISH. NOT to be used on food fish or those fish intended to be fed to fish slated for human consumption.

Packed in two sizes: 2 lb. and 4 lb bags

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HKMKF2Healthy Koi Medicated Food 2lb$ 41.99 Add to Cart
HKMKF4Healthy Koi Medicated Koi Food 4 lb.$ 79.99 Add to Cart