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Koi Transport Sock Net

Koi Transport Sock Net

Koi Watertight Sock Net

This incredible net is designed primarily to hold water while handling your precious large koi without injury. Easily close one end with your hand and use the net to scoop koi and move to the new tank. Now release the end and slowly let the koi pass through the sock net. Using this net will prevent damage to your koi such as fins damage, scales lost, and protect slime coat. A must-have for all stress-free koi handling!

  • 12" Diameter
  • 10" Handle
  • The total length of sock 4' 6" with the last 15" being soft white netting
  • This Sock Net Holds Water!
  • I use this Sock Net at Michigan Koi; It has Proved to be the BEST!
  • Priced at Only $85.00
Koi Watertight Transport Sock Net
$ 85.00

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