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The Perfect Koi Pond Construction:

The presence of Koi in an outside pond can make sure of a pleasant garden experience. While this is a "hobby" that takes money, time, effort, and patience, more and more people are finding Koi ponds to be a great investment not only because of their enthusiasm for Koi, but for the pond itself, the sense of escape, of peace, of harmony that a good Koi pond can bring a person. For many, having a Koi pond is like having a wilderness temple all to themselves. That escape from stress and the rigors of an increasingly busy and stressful society can be one of the many major benefits of an outdoor Koi pond. Owning a pond delights all of those that get to experience it. Good design and construction of your koi pond will facilitate many years of enjoyable use and minimize the upkeep. A well designed pond will have deep water, volume, bottom drains, settling chambers, bio-conversion chambers, aeration and water pump system.

Note: “The cheapest way possible to build a Koi pond is building it once – but build it properly”! Forget the word ‘NATURAL’ if it has anything at all to do with Koi Ponds! There is only ONE maker of natural ponds and that’s ‘MOTHER NATURE”!

Before you take advice from anyone. ASK THEM: Do you have a Koi Pond?Do you Keep Koi? How Long? What type Filter system do YOU have? How old are YOUR Koi? If the answer to any of these questions is NO or only young Koi, Run.....................

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