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Regular observation of your Koi will allow problems to be detected early. Be familiarwith your Koi's normal shape, size and color as well as swimming habits.

A change in these factors may signal a problem. The problem must be identified in order to know the steps to take for treatment. Every pond owner with Koi, at some time or another, will probably have to medicate their pond.

Though Koi are extremely hardy, it is very important to keep a watch on their environment to keep them at their healthiest.

Attention should be paid to the quality of water and balance of the pond (i.e. pH levels etc.). However, if problems do occur, the first step is to remove the individual fish or decide whether to treat the entire pond.

It is sometimes difficult to be aware of a problem with a Koi until it’s too late. Be aware of your Koi's behavior patterns so changes can be detected early. A change in your Koi's behavior is usually the first sign that that your Koi are stressed or ill.

It is important that you know your pond's volume. All treatments are based on the number of gallons in the pond. The wrong dosage could result in killing your Koi.

Once we have recognized our Koi has a problem we must know what action is best to resolve the difficulty. Most of the time; Koi health is directly related to water, starting with parasites and leading to secondary infections.

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