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KITE AND LINE KEVLAR KITE LINE 1000ft 100LB Braided Kevlar Kite Line

1000ft 100LB Braided Kevlar Kite Line   FREESHIPALT


1000ft. 100 Lb. Braided Kevlar Kite Line

Kevlar line is an essential supplie for the kites.

It is well known to the high melting point, abrasion resistance, cut resistance, High mechanical strength,resistant to moisture. Particular importantly, it's more lightweight and sturdy than common kite lines.


• Length: 1000ft
• Strength: 100lbs
• Color: As the pictures show
• Line weight: 3.4oz

• Total weight: 5.8oz (the package,spool included)

 BK10100  Price: $38.00  FREE SHIPPING


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BK101001000ft 100LB Braided Kevlar Kite Line$ 38.00 Free Shipping