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Healthy Koi Pond Clay

Healthy Koi Pond Clay

"We believe in, and use, Calcium Bentonite / Montmorillonite Clay"

How Can Calcium Montmorillonite Clay Help?

Calcium Bentonite / Montmorillonite Clay has a number of minerals and trace elements in it that helps our fish thrive.

Not only does it help our fish thrive, but it also helps the beneficial bacteria in our ponds thrive. The beneficial bacterium that lives in your filters consumes the minerals and trace elements added by Calcium Bentonite/Montmorillonite Clay. Some of those minerals and trace elements are calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and iron.

Calcium Bentonite/Montmorillonite Clay also helps the digestive system of your fish. A lot of the top hobbyists in the world add it to their paste foods. It has been said that the clay also helps the coloring of the fish. Making the whites and reds to stand out on them.

What is the most important part of your Koi pond or Water Garden?

Hands down it has to be your water quality. Water can come from a number of sources. In some cases, it comes from well water, but in most cases these days it comes from your local water company. The local water company's treat the water and during this they remove a lot of the minerals and trace elements that our ponds thrive upon. The only way those minerals and trace elements can be replaced in our ponds are with additives. Calcium Bentonite / Montmorillonite Clay is one of the best ways to add those minerals and trace elements back into the pond water.

People have asked, are our fish and beneficial bacteria the only ones that benefit from adding Calcium Bentonite / Montmorillonite Clay to the pond?

No Calcium Bentonite / Montmorillonite Clay has an extensive surface area which allows it to attract, and then absorb, toxins such as heavy metals, free radicals, and pesticides. It also has minerals and trace elements which help make your plants flourish. When re-potting your plants in the early spring, add a few tablespoons of clay to the potting soil along with some type of aquatic fertilizer tab, and you will see a difference in your plants. When calcium-based montmorillonite clay is present, it provides essential minerals and trace elements to the fish and plants AND detoxifies the water and fish. What takes place is a process of absorption and adsorption. Rich in trace minerals and absorbable calcium (contains over 60 essential trace minerals) each tiny, tiny particle of this calcium montmorillonite clay, remains in an alkaline state retaining its electrically active, negatively charged ion. When introduced to the pond, the toxins, bacteria, and pathogens in the water, which carry a positive electrically charged ion, bind to the negatively charged ions in the clay. These toxins are held in a colloidal state (suspended) inside the clay particles and leave through the filtration system. The clay when ingested by fish, (they enjoy nibbling on the clay) goes through the digestive system binding to the toxins in the fish's body. These toxins are encapsulated in the clay and removed through their waste elimination process…toxins clay and all. The added benefit is that the calcium montmorillonite contains highly absorbable minerals that are easily assimilated by fish, humans and all animals, in turn strengthening the immune system, enhancing the production of enzymes, and effectively detoxifying the body. Much has been written and researched about the healthful benefits of calcium montmorillonite clay when ingested by humans and animals. The Healing Power of Living Clay by Neva Jensen includes a study entitled Trout Researchers Share Info. The director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife services Tunison Research Lab in Hagerman, Idaho spoke about the biggest expense on a fish farm, which is the feed. However their studies proved whenever the fish were fed this cheap clay, they grew bigger even when the feed was reduced.

How Much Calcium Montmorillonite Should I Use?

Healthy Koi™ Premium calcium montmorillonite is a very fine, pure, edible clay and it will stay suspended in your water while doing its work. Many first-time users are often concerned when their water doesn't clear in a short period of time. Please do not be alarmed. Even if you accidentally apply a dosage that exceeds the recommended amount, you can never harm or overdose your fish with this 100% natural product.
Start with a conservative dose if your pond water is already at or close to an acceptable level of clarity. This clays colloidal suspension property allows it to continue bonding with impurities, carrying them safely into your filter. It also allows more nutrients to get into your fish's systems. Since the best koi are raised and live in mud ponds, your fish will thank you for their mud bath that improves conformation, coloration, health, and vitality.

The leading koi experts in the world agree that the clay that contains the most minerals and trace elements is bentonite/montmorillonite clay.

Water quality is the most important factor in a koi pond or water garden. Koi and other aquatic life can survive in less than ideal conditions. One thing pond hobbyists can do to help their fish thrive instead of merely surviving is to make sure that the minerals and trace elements found in natural ponds are in the water of their koi ponds and water gardens. In almost all cases, the water used to fill our beautiful ponds is deficient in most of the minerals and trace elements needed to allow our koi to reach their maximum potential. What little minerals you have in your pond water are quickly absorbed by the fish, plants and even the bacteria that colonize your filters. Unfortunately, most of the water used for our ponds comes from the tap, which is a poor substitute for providing a healthy aquatic environment for your fish. Minerals and trace elements are necessary for the optimum health and development of our fish. The only way those minerals can be replaced or introduced is through water changes and additives. The highest quality koi in the world are raised in mud bottom ponds. Even the top koi breeders have to add fresh clay to their ponds to replace the minerals and trace elements needed to raise these incredible living jewels.

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