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Healthy Koi Fortified Fish Food

Healthy Koi Fortified Fish Food

THE PROBLEM: Floating pellet koi food must be heated to well over 212 degrees and extruded koi food to over 180 degrees to get the pellet to fuse. We know that when ANY food cooked to that temperature the vitamins, minerals, Bacteria and or medication are depleted. The protein is there but these main essentials are gone and most pass undigested as waste adding to water problems. THE SOLUTION: HEALTHY KOI® FORTIFIED FOOD with COLOR

Why this Healthy Koi® Food is so great!

We have used this exclusive process for over 30 years making our food. It is encapsulated with our unique vitamin and mineral coating after the pelletizing phase thus ensuring that heat sensitive ingredients are absorbed into the pellet without being exposed to heat, thereby retaining their potency. Why is this so important? Fish nutritionists have shown that the fish's immune system lacks long term memory. The extra strength of these ingredients helps build a healthy immune system so your koi can fight off bacterial and viral infections, repair surface damage and increase color, luster, and sheen. The individual vitamins and digestive enzymes we supplement our food with are essential in boosting the fish's immune system response and providing a degree of digestion un-attainable in conventionally produced koi food. The pellets are coated with a pro-biotic (5 Bacteria Plus Enzymes), Spirulina, cod liver oil and soaked into the food after the extrusion process to assure optimum nutritional potency. This cold process ensures that ingredients which would typically be lost, or even destroyed, by exposure to heat are kept at their full strength. Virtually everyone knows that vitamins and digestive enzymes should not be exposed to heat, but Michigan Koi Fortified Fish Food makes this fact a reality. Fully active vitamins and color agents do wonders to the koi's appearance and health. Active bacteria, digestive enzymes, and no fillers promote digestion rates up to 90% even at colder temperatures (so only food needed), leaving a cleaner and healthier fish pond. This is especially important in cases where the koi are large or crowded. The addition of the Bentonite / Montmorillonite Clay provides a unique complex of minerals not found in any mineral pre-mix. Clinical research, as well as tests on the consumer level, reveal Bentonite / Montmorillonite Clay to be an invaluable aid in detoxing, nurturing growth and health of all aquatic animals.

In comparison with other food brands, Michigan Koi's Fortified Fish Food is much higher in protein content. This is due to our use of high protein ingredients like Spirulina (55% - 70%), as well as our abstinence from using low-grade fillers. Our foods are based on the highest quality. There is no corn in our formula. All of our ingredients are of the freshest and highest quality. This yields a nutritious food with amazing results in growth and Very Healthy Koi.

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Testimony: I have been using your Fortified Koi food for a couple of months, and I can't believe how good my koi look. It's like someone switched the koi in my pond with other koi. I think I can see them grow, and they love the food. Jan Glass, Richmond, VA.

Testimony: I have to say that I am impressed; everything you said about your superior products is true. My pond looks like a giant sparkling spring water cocktail to drink from! My Koi are really quite happy. Your bacteria and enzymes are doing an incredible job too. And they just LOOOOOVE that food. In fact, do you recall the tiny little black koi I mentioned, who is about six years old and no bigger than about 8 inches? I swear, really, He’s getting bigger. Linda Wells, Bowie MD.

Note: We have added WILD ALASKAN SALMON oil loaded with high levels of Omega-3, Astaxanthin (nature's most potent antioxidant) and Vitamin D3 for Health and Color.

4 lb $39.95 5m lg pellet

4 lb $39.95 3m sm pellet

20 lb $159.95 5m lg pellet save 20%

20 lb $159.95 3m sm pellet save 20%


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Healthy Koi Fortified Food - pellet size Lg. - 4 lb. vacuum bag.
$ 39.95
Healthy Koi Fortified Fish Food - pellet size sm - 4 lb. vacuum bag
$ 39.95
Healthy Koi Fortified Fish Food - pellet size sm 10 - 2 lb. vacuum bags 20
$ 159.95
Healthy Koi Fortified Food Lg. 20 lbs. 10 - 2 lb bags save 20%
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