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Freeze Dried Silkworm Pupae

Freeze Dried Silkworm  Pupae

We feed these premium freeze-dried silkworm pupae that contain high protein which contributes to the rapid growth to our Koi. Koi feed with silkworm pupae in their diet has better slime coat protection to resist bacteria and parasites infection. Silkworm pupae also possess a special substance to resist bacteria and viruses to keep your koi strong and healthy. "It is silkworms that make Koi grow big and finish beautifully!" according to all the top Koi breeders in Japan. Why are silkworms good? Because of the composition of protein in silkworm (amino acid) is the nearest to protein composition of Koi, which Koi can naturally absorb (protein of a silkworm) without any troubles. Fine quality silkworms are "the best natural food" for Koi. This protein contains a lot of amino acids that is absolutely indispensable for living creatures such as alanine, glycine, and tyrosine. The glycine it contains is 8 times more than milk, and 6 times that of an egg. These amino acids strengthen liver function, improve detoxification and decrease cholesterol in the blood. When liver function deteriorates, the skin of Koi gets yellow. In other words, strengthening a liver function will maintain snow-white skin.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Freeze Dried Silkworm pupae. No preservatives.

- Crude Protein ---------- min. 55.3% - Crude Fat --------------- min. 32%
- Ash ---------------------- min. 3% - Moisture ----------------- min. 5%
- Crude Fiber ------------- min. 3.8%

Koi Love This Treat

Healthy Koi™ Freeze Dried Silk Worm Pupae is very light in weight per volume

1 lb. $22.99 ---- 2 lb. $38.99

Healthy Koi Freeze Dried Silkworm Pupae 16 oz.
$ 22.99
Healthy Koi Freeze Dried Silkworm Pupae 2 lb
$ 38.99

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