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Bio-Conversion Chambers:

Bio-Conversion Chambers:
Bio-Conversion Chambers:

Clean water from top of settling chamber enters the Bio-Chamber at its top. This chamber is biologically active for breaking down dissolved toxins. The Bio-Chamber is the most customizable, it can be any shape, but size is important. I like to use a 48” x 50”, 400 gallon fiberglass chambers or larger. In this chamber I support the bio-media 12 inches off the bottom. This support holds an aeration ring to keep bio-media fully aerated for optimum performance. An additional aeration ring is used on the very bottom for the purpose of back washing the media. I’ve used just about every kind of media on the market, some are better then others. I make and use Bio-Ribbon. This media has more surface area per volume than any thing I know, the more surface area the better. This surface is where the biofilm of nitrifying bacteria live. As a gravity flow system, water inters at the top of chamber, flows down through the Bio-Media. There is a 10 inch tube going to the bottom through the center of the media, the water enters the bottom of this tube and fills with clean, bio-treated water. We pump water, from this point, for the first time since the water left the pond.

Cleaning Bio-Conversion Chambers:

Shut off in coming water and then add compressed air to lower aeration ring. Start air flow at a low setting, this will start the bubbles to dislodge any waste clinging to bio-media. Turn up air pressure and really shake media. The Dirt and waste will fall to the bottom space as well as mix with water in chamber. Position a submersible pump down the center tube and on bottom of chamber. Pump out waste water to plants or discard. Rinse media from top to fill lower chamber, agitate with air and Pump out waste water to plants or discard. Turn off air, open valve to refill with pond water, remove pump. You have just cleaned your Bio-Conversion chamber for another year. You did not remove any media or did not kill any bacterial colonies or microscopic
bacteria. Cleaning was fast and used only a small amount of water per year.

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