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Milwaukee Dissolved Oxygen Meter MW600

What is Dissolved Oxygen

While some gases like Nitrogen and Ammonia chemically react with water, other gases like Oxygen do not react with water at all. Dissolved Oxygen can be defined as physical distribution of oxygen in water. The main sources of dissolved oxygen in water are the atmosphere and photosynthesis. Waves and flowing water mix the air and water while aquatic plants produce oxygen as a by-product during photosynthesis.

The amount of dissolved oxygen that can be present mainly depends on the water temperature, salinity and atmospheric pressure. Additionally, the amount of dissolved oxygen can increase with a decrease in temperature of the water and can increase with an increase in atmospheric pressure.

What is a Dissolved Oxygen Meter

A dissolved oxygen meter is used to measure the amount of oxygen present in a unit volume of water.The most important measurement in Koi ponds is Dissolved Oxygen

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Milwaukee Dissolved Oxygen Meter MW600
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