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New Vision Video Productions

New Vision Video Productions specializes in the production of relevant, high quality movies covering many interesting aspects of Nishikigoi, including the hobbyists that are addicted to them, the fantastic ponds that house them, and the Japanese breeders that produce them. There are currently 18 titles available, divided into the three categories noted in the links at the top of this page and as follows;

Koi in Japan

  • The All Japan Show 2005
  • How the East Was Won (AJS 2006)
  • Hiroshima Dreaming
  • Nishikigoi Existence, The Yamakoshi Trilogy Parts 1,2, & 3 (3 hours)
  • Springtime in Koi Land
  • Niigata Secrets with Geoff Kemp
  • Nishikigoi The Move, The Niigata Journey

Koi Keepers

  • Koi – The Living Jewels Ultimate Collection
  • The Koi Keepers Volume 1
  • The Koi Keepers Volume 2
  • The Koi Keepers Volume 3
  • The Koi Keepers Volume 4
  • The Koi Keepers Volume 5

Koi Information

  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Koi
  • Hands on Healthcare for Koi
  • Project Koi Pond
  • Breeding Koi the Japanese Way
  • Varieties of Koi

All DVDs are recorded in PAL format (Region 0). These movies play on all computer DVD drives, and most home DVD players.