Nishikigoi Existence The Yamakoshi Trilogy

Nishikigoi Existence The Yamakoshi Trilogy

Nishikigoi Existence The Yamakoshi Trilogy

3 hours of priceless Koi material on a single DVD - the single most comprehensive and concise visual interpretation of the phenomenon of Japanese Koi ever made. Nishikigoi Existence - The Yamakoshi Trilogy is a series of 3 programmes filmed on location in Niigata, Japan, over a period of 18 months and many trips. It follows the lives of some of the greatest masters of Koi ever, from in-depth interviews, through the fascination culling process, to the pinnacle of mud pond harvesting. This limited edition box set, available for the very first time on DVD, is a fascinating insight into the Japanese Koi industry, providing a unique behind-the-scenes view of what is, and always will be, the birthplace and home of Nishikigoi. Breathtakingly filmed and highly entertaining and informative, Nishikigoi Existence - The Yamakoshi Trilogy is something that will be treasured by Koi keepers from all over the world for many years to come. These three programmes received incredible critical acclaim upon their release and have gone on to become the definitive visual work on Japanese Koi it is, quite simply, something all serious Koi keepers should own.

Nishikigoi Existence - Part 1
The Japanese are an incredibly proud and honorable people, rarely allowing outsides to infiltrate their unique Nishikigoi culture. The importance of these programmes cannot easily be measured part 1 introduces the breeders of Yamakoshi to you, with unique one-to-one interviews where some truly incredible information is given. This beautifully photographed programme also introduces the stunning visual landscape, at a time when the area is deep in snow and when to farm the land seems almost impossible.

Nishikigoi Existence - Part 2
It is the culling and feeding operation that dominates part 2 of The Yamakoshi Trilogy, something never before shown in a professional presentation, as the breeders select from literally hundreds of thousands of fry Nishikigoi that in a few years time will be those of dreams. Shown in incredible close-up detail, the secrets that have remained inside Niigata are finally revealed as the breeders allow us into their operations, sharing the mysteries behind the culling of Koi. Nishikigoi

Existence - Part 3
The concluding part of the trilogy follows some of the most well-known names in Nishikigoi as they harvest their mud ponds of the Koi that have spent the summer growing. The pinnacle of the season for the breeders, it is incredible to see the unique way in which the Koi emerge from the muddy waters into the glorious Niigata sunshine. Visually spectacular, this programme also features the never before seen manuscripts of the very first Koi ever to be brought from Niigata for the Tokyo Exhibition of 1914. This footage alone is worth the price itself, simply to see a unique piece of history. This programme captures the spirit of Niigata like never before.

Producer: New Vision Videos, Run-time: 180 minutes. PAL (Region 0) format. This DVD will play in all computer based DVD drives, and most home DVD players .

Price: $48.19

Nishikigoi Existence The Yamakoshi Trilogy
$ 48.19

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