Hands on Health care

Hands on Health care

Hands on Health care

for Koi

Synopsis: Over the course of this program Bernice Brewster, one of the UK's leading Koi experts, shows not only how to maintain a health pond and healthy Koi, but also how to both recognize and treat a parasite attack, should one occur.

Throughout this intensive, one hour program, Bernice discusses many areas of Koi health care and demonstrates many things on camera including:

  • correct water testing
  • anesthetizing and treating Koi
  • taking skin scrapes
  • microscope use
  • correct netting techniques
  • individual parasite recognition
  • salt bathing Koi

If you're serious about caring for your Koi and you only want to buy one video this is the one. No Koi keeper should be without it.

Producer: New Vision Videos, Run-time: 60 minutes. PAL (Region 0) format. This DVD will play in all computer based DVD drives, and most home DVD players.

Price: $27.91

Hands on Health care for Koi
$ 27.91

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