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Bottom Drains

Bottom Drains

Bottom Drains are a crucial element in a proper koi pond. Without a bottom drain, fish waste and debris become trapped in a closed environment and the filter has no means to remove them. The result is a slowly deteriorating environment that will quickly become hazardous to the health of your Koi.

By installing a proper bottom drain at the lowest point of the pond, all of the sinking waste and debris will be easily and quickly removed and sent to the filtration system. This will result not only in superior water quality, but also vastly less labor by the pond owner,
Let the bottom drain do the work for you!

The addition of an aerated bottom drain will increase the effectiveness of the drain ten fold. The rising air column creates a current that pulls water along the bottom of the pond towards the drain. This will increase the reach of the drain along the bottom of the pond to remove even more waste for truly superior water quality. The air diffuser has the added bonus of aerating the water as well!!

All the Koi experts agree....no serious koi pond is complete without an Aerated Bottom Drain.

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