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Koi Pond Aeration

The benefits of Air in your pond.

A Koi pond is more than a hole in the ground with a liner and some water. In order to have a healthy, dynamic pond environment you need a source of aeration. Not only does it help with oxygen, but it also aids in circulating the water. Aeration is also very important for the Bio-Conversion Chamber. Air diffusers in the Bio-Conversion Chamber aid beneficial bacteria to flourish therefore provide you with healthier Koi and water parameters. It is important to note that all of these elements must work in harmony with one another. The filtration system purifies the water of wastes, bacteria and other toxins. An aerator supplies air to the water so the fish will have oxygen and the water does not stagnate. The pump moves the water through the filter. This cycle is the lifeblood of a Koi pond, summer and winter. Add as much air to your pond as you can with air pumps and air diffusers to distribute the air (highly recommended for ponds that are heavily stocked). Use an air pump during hot weather to provide the necessary oxygen within the pond; Oxygen concentrations are lowest at dawn and highest during late afternoon. The amount of oxygen in pond water can vary considerably from pond to pond and from hour to hour. During the winter a pond aerator will keep an opening in the ice, add oxygen and help gas off toxins.

Note: At Michigan Koi, we think the best place in any pond system to add air or oxygen is directly into the Bio-Conversion system as close a possible to where the bacteria are sitting. This is why vortex chambers and Bio-Ribbon filled Bio-Conversion Chambers work so fantastically well together in any serious Koi pond. Aerated bottom drains maximize pond circulation and sweep bottom debris towards the bottom drain to be filtered out.

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