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Healthy Koi Products ╗ Aerated Bottom Drain x 14" Diffuser

Michigan Koi® Aerated Bottom Drain x 14 inch Diffuser

Michigan Koi®  Aerated Bottom Drain x 14 inch Diffuser

The addition of an aerated bottom drain will increase the effectiveness of the drain ten fold. The rising air column creates a current that pulls water along the bottom of the pond towards the drain. This will increase the reach of the drain along the bottom of the pond to remove even more waste for truly superior water quality. The air diffuser has the added bonus of aerating the water as well!! 
All the Koi experts agree....no serious koi pond is complete without an Aerated Bottom Drain.

This Aerated Bottom Drain has full 8.5" wide X 6" deep sump with 4 inch slip fitting drain , But best of all, a 14 inch Air Membrane Diffuser Cover. (most sold are 9 in.) 14 inch is 2.42 times larger then 9 inch, do the math. That is 2.42 more air then any other bottom drain.

*The Body is made from ABS and cements to PVC with ABS to PVC Transition Cement.

*The Diffuser is 13.8 Inches and is perforated with 10,800 extra fine for the most Oxygen exchange Per cu. Ft. of air.

*The air supply line comes in at the bottom and is a 3/4 street ell. I ship this loose so you can position it any direction you wish.

*This diffuser is center mounted with a 3/4 pipe thread. This center mount makes it less likely to get clogged by debris.

*This is the best diffuser on the market today!

* Use with Liner or concrete Ponds.                                                                                Look at  concrete installation: http://www.michigankoi.com/photo-gallery.php?GroupKey=12&page=1

Look at Liner installation: http://www.michigankoi.com/photo-gallery.php?GroupKey=13&page=3

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