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75 ft. Octopus Parafoil  FREESHIPALT

Purple 75 ft Tube-Shaped Parafoil Octopus Kite

This kite starts with a base color and then add contrasting accents for trim, suckers and eyes. The suckers on long tentacles are extended for more drage increasing stability. They are remarkably stable in 12 to 38 m.p.h. of wind and remain manageable and easy to fly. The Octopus measures 75 feet in length and always generate smiles.

• Color: Purple

• Size: 75ft × 8.8ft

• Material: Rip-Stop Nylon

• Wind Range:12MPH-38MPH
• Flying Line: 500lbs suggested (not included)


Price: $450  FREE SHIPPING

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75OKPPurple 75 ft Tube-Shaped Parafoil Octopus Kite$ 450.00 Free Shipping